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Welcome to a world where love takes center stage in the most intimate and authentic way – my Micro Wedding Photography service in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. If you dream of a celebration that embraces simplicity and genuine connections, you're in the right place. I'm thrilled to introduce my newest offering dedicated to capturing the magic of micro weddings. Picture a day filled with heartfelt moments shared with your closest friends and family in the enchanting backdrop of Las Vegas. As your devoted photographer, I specialize in freezing these genuine emotions in time, weaving a visual narrative that tells the unique story of your love. From the cozy venues to the candid reactions, my micro wedding photography service is tailored to turn your intimate celebration into timeless memories. Explore the beauty of micro weddings with me – where every moment is a masterpiece, and your love story unfolds through the lens of artistry and passion.

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What is a

Micro Wedding?

I'm so glad you asked! Micro weddings are designed for those who believe in the beauty of simplicity and the power of genuine connections. Picture your special day celebrated in an intimate setting surrounded by your closest friends and family. As your dedicated photographer, I specialize in capturing the authenticity of these small-scale affairs, preserving every candid moment and heartfelt emotion. From the enchanting venues to the heartfelt vows, my micro wedding photography service is crafted to tell your unique love story. Let me be the storyteller of your intimate celebration, turning fleeting moments into timeless memories against the beautiful backdrop of Las Vegas.

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My process

My approach is to infuse a documentary style into these weddings, ensuring that every photograph tells the unique story of your special day. Choose a micro wedding for a soulful celebration that emphasizes the love and connection you share with your partner in the heart of the vibrant Las Vegas backdrop. Let me be your storyteller, preserving the magic of your micro wedding for a lifetime.

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Embark on a personalized and intimate photographic journey with my Micro Wedding Photography service, where capturing the essence of your love story is my specialty. Starting at just $3000, my packages are tailored to deliver a timeless collection of candid moments and genuine emotions

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How to know if you're planning a micro wedding?


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A micro wedding is somewhere between an elopement and a regular wedding. These types of weddings typically have 50 guests or less of family and close friends. Still trying to figure out if your wedding is Mirco? No worries, reach out, and we can talk more.

Does that mean your time coverage is mirco too?


I have great news! No, it doesn't. I offer wedding coverage from 2 to 8 hours, and if you need more time, just let me know!

Do you offer additional services such as prints, albums, or online galleries?


Yes, I do! All couples receive a 10x10 hand-crafted photo album designed by yours truly. Along with digital images, an online viewing gallery, and a gallery store to purchase any additional prints you may want.

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