Hi, I’m Danielle

I was born and raised in Ohio. It's also where I met my husband, Samuel. I love animals, going for walks, and ice cream, which leads us to my perfect day. Walking my dogs with ice cream. In this "perfect-day" scenario, my dogs would be perfect angels (I felt like I needed to say that to really paint the picture). Oh, and Samuel would be there too!

I was first introduced to photography while getting my associate degree in digital media design, as it was a part of the curriculum. Since day one of Photography 1, I've been addicted to improving my skill and sharing how I see the world. I can never learn enough.

Samuel and I have moved around a bit in the last eight years. We first moved to Michigan, then to Florida, back to Ohio, California, and now to Nevada.

I've picked up a few things along the way, one being a floof named Marshall (FL) and a second floof named Livy (OH 2.0). I've also grown immensely in my photography skills, and I have MI, FL, OH, and CA to thank for that. I've met many great people and photographers along the way who have encouraged and helped me grow.

It's hard to believe it's been ten years since I first picked up a camera and declared myself a photographer. I haven't always had my camera in hand. Sometimes I would go a year without touching it because the military spouse life isn't very friendly to a career. But here I am, trying to navigate being a business owner as a military spouse. The mil spouse hustle is real.

las vegas, nv

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Being married to a service member means I have to move a lot. If you're unsure what city I'm in, feel free to send me a message. If you don't live close by, I'm always up for visiting new places or even returning to cities I've already been to.


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Some stuff you need to know about me

I actually have a degree

I'm obsessed with:

Digital Media Design

Formula 1

Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite person is

When both my dogs cuddle with me

My husband, Samuel

I’m addicted to

I started this business

Ice cream, Oreos & Airheads

At the age of 20

Hiking & Yoga

My best friends

My Favorite activities

Marshall & Livy