Part 2. The beginning of a new logo

Having a background in graphic design, I am very particular about fonts, color schemes and graphics. I can’t look at logos the same as I did before I completed my degree. Those who have been around me for a while know I’ve had a few different photography names and logos. I originally started out with “Little Moments” and then moved on to “Elizabeth June Studios.” Everyone was confused about who was actually behind the photos. This time, to simplify, I decided to use my actual name. 

I was never completely satisfied with any of the logos I had created for myself. The more time I spent working on them, the less I liked what I created. I always thought something was off, but couldn’t put my finger on precisely what. That’s why I called in help from the amazing, talented Ann Adkins. 

Ann and I went to college together and were partners on many school projects. We always worked very well together, so I contacted her about helping me with my logo. The next thing I knew she was on a plane from Ohio to Florida and we were working together on my new logo just like the good ole days. 

But, the story behind my logo doesn’t stop here…part 3 coming soon!