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01. The Quickie


For those young, small families who ain’t got time for that, classic session. This session helps update those yearly photos quickly. Great for families up to 4 people, milestones (cake smashes), singles, couples, and pet parents.

30 min session

10 Edited images

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02. The In-Between


Not too short, but not too long. Need a little more time than the quickie? The in-between is for you! This is great for families up to 6 people, couples, and pet parents.

45 min session

20 edited images

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03. The Classic


Who doesn’t love a classic photo session? Perfect amount of time and perfect amount of photos. This is also great for families up to 6 people, newborns, and seniors.

60 min session

30 edited images

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04. The No Judgement


Hey, if you need more time, you need more time. No judgment here. On the plus side, you get 10 more photos to cherish than the last package. I recommend this session for newborns, seniors, and large familys 6+ people.

90 min session

40 edited images

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As a military dependent, I want to thank service members and their families by offering a discount on my session fees. Please click the button below to talk to me about MIL discounts.

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