Cook's Choice

What in the world is Cook's Choice?

Great question! Sometimes I offer random sessions that don't exactly fall under "Life Style Photography." This page is dedicated to temporary and experimental sessions, whatever I'm cooking up. So please, take a minute and look around; you might find something you'll like.

Personality Portraits


1 kid

Let’s take kids’ photos to the next level. Bring on the mood, the eye-rolls, the belly laughs. I want the shy glances, the BIG attitudes, and the fun of being a kid.

Let’s make your kiddos personality shine.

This 10-20 minute session brings the best smiles and goofy faces from your little one. You will get 10-20+ photos from this session and you won’t be able to pick which one to put on your wall!


2 kids


3 kids


4 kids

now offering

For the Love of Dogs

This one is for the pet parents! Yes, a session for your sweet fur babies! I hate to bring this up, but we need to be real for a minute. The worst part of life is that our pets can't stay with us forever, but their photograph can. Book a For the Love of Dogs session so you can celebrate your pet being a part of the family and having the memory of them forever. Okay, the sad part is done, phew.

Let's not stop at dogs, bring on all the pets! Big or small, they're family.

Additional Dog Price:





• 15 minute session per dog
• 5-10 images
• Online gallery

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